about: Gün






The two persons behind goldfishsongs are gün (l.) and malte (r). In the year 1994 they chose to enter a way of common music production.

In the year 1996 the goldfishsongs idea was born. It was a creative challenge to combine such two opposed things as a goldfish and a song. The song “goldfish” was a first step to manifest these thoughts. As the goldfish-idea was born, it started to fascinate the band. More songs with goldfish anthems were created afterwards.

the listener of the songs might notice the aim to combine classical elements of pop with modern ones. You will find a vintage voyage back combined with future aiming electrical effects.

With the website goldfishsongs.de the band wants to show itself to interested listeners. you can get in touch with goldfishsongs and are able to contact us. We are always interested in new ways and ideas for songs or lyrics. We already collaborated with other people to write and record songs and want to thank them here for their inspirations. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a comment or an idea – the future is wide open!